We invite everyone to watch the Earth Dance at the Eco Center at the Heron’s Head Park. This will be held on Earth Day, April 22 at 8 am. This year ’s theme is Earth, Wind, and Fire: The Elements That Define Us. Earth Dance is an annual tradition of environmentalists all over the globe to raise awareness regarding the importance of taking care of our environment. Earth Dance collaborates with major music, art, cultural, deep ecology, and environmental movements, indigenous people, and spiritual leaders. This year’s theme fuses the elements of festival culture and conscious entertainment with the worldwide movements of peace and sustainability and synchronized prayer/meditation practice. This tradition was originally conceived back in 1990 with a vision to unite the whole world in taking care of Mother Nature. It is a peaceful platform for culture, art, dance, and music. Earth Dance is currently the largest global synchronized music and peace event in the world, held in over 500 locations across the globe. The main feature of the Earth Dance event is a simultaneous bond and connection up among thousands of people in every location across the world who will participate in a coordinated and harmonized prayer for peace and ecological justice. This is considered a significant and powerful moment that brings together all of our intentions and raise collective consciousness for world peace and healing of our lands. We aim to ground our vision of creating a new eco-cultural sphere of abundance birthed by a reconnection to our land, to our ancient culture’s primacy of music, art, and dance, and to our true identity as a people, while honoring our past heroes, inspiring an awakening of the hero within. Join us in this profound experience of art, culture, music, dance, ceremonies and green awareness to nurture the earth, mind, body, and spirit. Let us all campaign for ecological justice for the elements that define us show our level of stewardship over all of nature.