Basics about the Garage Door Springs Safety

The garage door springs are the main and important component of the door. They are responsible for opening and closing the garage door. Every time when you operate the garage door, the springs will support the other parts and help the garage door to lift. They also aid the garage door to maintain its balance. Although automatic garage door is operated with the help of opener it is not as important to lift the garage door. Actually, garage door springs are the key component to open or close the garage door perfectly.

Weight of garage door

To determine the importance of garage door springs, let’s evaluate the weight of the garage door first. Of course, the weight of the garage door varies depending on the material, type, size, and insulation used to create a garage door. A small garage door may weigh around 100 to 150 pounds, the medium-sized garage door ranges from 200 to 300 pounds, and the commercial or the larger garage doors have weighed more than 450 pounds. Therefore, to support any weight of the garage door, the spring system needs to be durable and strong.

Garage door springs eventually break due to frequent use which needs immediate replacement. Repairing or replacing garage door springs can be an extremely complicated task, that is why it is always suggested to let it to professional to handle. Although there are a lot of companies they offer excellent services but the professional and best Oakland garage door spring repair company provides remarkable services at a very affordable cost.

When you are buying garage door springs, it is also advised to choose the heavy-duty components, even though they maybe a little more costly than the average ones. It is good for security reasons and it will also save your cost in the long run. If you replace the springs with low-quality devices, they are likely to lose quicker, and you will be forced to replace and buy a new spring again.

Types of garage door springs

Modern garage doors are designed with two types of springs, one is torsion spring and the other is extension spring. You may use any model depending on the type o garage door.  The torsion springs are mounted on the top of the garage door and they are likely to damage due to frequent use. They perform a duty of opening or closing the garage door and counterbalance the weight of it.

Garage door springs are made of steel and lubricate with oil. The endurance of torsion is calculated through the size of the wire used in the preparation of springs. It also depends on the length and internal diameter of springs. The most garage door is operated with two springs that are positioned at the sides of the garage door. In the case, one spring fails, the other will break soon. So, it is wise to replace both at the same time. On the other hand, tension springs are mounted at the above garage door opening. Their functions are to generate or release the stretch while garage door operations.

The life cycle of garage door springs

Both types of garage door springs have a specific life span described by the manufacturer. It is estimated that springs have about 10,000 life cycles on average. It means that you should be able to operate your garage door 10,000 times before they damage. With the help of basic information about garage door springs, you will find it easier to maintain your garage door.