May it never happen that future generations do not get to see the natural beauty of this world. We have a very beautiful world that we live in. The beauty of nature is indeed captivating. The mountains, the seas, the fields – Oh what a joy to see them all! It would be unfair to future generations if they will not get to see all these beauty, if all they would see is just a replica of what was once lovely and real. It brings me sorrow whenever I think that they would not witness the beauty of a grand mountain standing high and tall, covered with majestic rocks and greens. What a sad thought it is if they will not get to experience splashing and swimming on a cool and clean lake. They will not get to experience the joy of fishing or just seeing the fish jump out of the water. It is a sad thought indeed if they will not have the chance to climb a tree or smell the flowers. It seems far out now that these things would happen but if man continues to abuse Mother Nature for his own selfish interests, then I am afraid this is what the future holds. There are companies who keep on mining in the mountains and when they are done with them, you will see that the mountains are already bare – the greens have been replaced by blacks. Water pollution is killing our bodies of water. What was once a clear river is now full of garbage. There are some people who keep on cutting trees with total disregard of their importance in giving us shade and keeping our soil intact. Yes, if these actions will go on then we might have a future with no mountains, no lakes, no trees. What a sad thought it is.